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2019 Homecoming Royalty Profiles

Homecoming King and Queen Austin Curry and Donna Garcia pose for pictures after being crowned.

Riley Keiter and Brett Bowers

October 14, 2019

Voting is done, royalty has been chosen, and the dance has happened. The homecoming court represents the people whom each grade feels represents Olathe West the best. Each member of the court shared a little bit about themselves.

Student Council Prepares an Enchanted Homecoming

Student Council sponsors and member sell homecoming tickets during lunch on Friday, Oct. 4.

Tyler Burkett, Writer

October 4, 2019

Homecoming week is in full stride, and there's a certain magic in the air concerning the dance. The real magic going on, though, is the student council members who are making this dream become a reality. Junior Sophie Stone talks about her role as a part of the royalty committee for home...

Opinion: Homecoming Court Should Be Eliminated

While some students wish for the day to be finally nominated for homecoming court, Brendan Ulmer believes the practice should be eliminated.

Brendan Ulmer, Writer

October 1, 2019

The day was Sept. 23, 2019, and I was spending my Power 50 shooting the breeze with my dear friends as I always do, when the conversation turned to homecoming. At first, it was the specifics: how many people are in our group, what we wanted to eat that night, how many cars we’ll need, so on and so...

Top 10 Places to Buy Your Next Homecoming Dress

Top 10 Places to Buy Your Next Homecoming Dress

Caché Goracke, Writer

October 7, 2018

As you know, Homecoming is now in the past, and all the work and effort people put into getting ready is over. Now, the pictures of girls in their elegant dresses are all over Instagram and you’ve probably seen more than a few. That’s why 100 people were asked where they chose to buy their perfect...

Homecoming Powder Puff Photo Slideshow

The Junior Class girls gather together  before they play their first Powder Puff game of the year.

Alivia Goodlow

October 4, 2018

Homecoming Carnival Slideshow

Freshman Joey Bergman starts off his race in the lead on the obstacle course at the Homecoming Carnival.

Alivia Goodlow and Matt Bice

September 29, 2018

Homecoming Spirit Week Best Dressed

Homecoming Spirit Week Best Dressed

Bri Flores and Ella Deiter

September 25, 2018

With Homecoming last week, students dressed up to celebrate the upcoming event. Here are some students who chose to go all out for these five spirit days. Monday was Dustbowl vs Gatsby Day, Tuesday was Owls Through the Ages Day, Wednesday was Tacky Tourist Day, Thursday was College Day, and Friday was...

Homecoming Propsals

Homecoming Propsals

Caché Goracke, Writer

September 14, 2018

Every year around homecoming you probably see pictures of cute couples holding signs that in some kind of creative way suggest that they will be attending the dance together. However, few realize that many of these signs come with equally creative and even humorous stories behind them. They also come wit...

StuCo Plans for a Golden Age

StuCo Plans for a Golden Age

Sydney Brown

September 14, 2018

  Student Council has recently revealed this year’s homecoming theme: The Golden Age. Inspired by the 1920s, the theme includes the glitz and glam of old Hollywood. Student Council has been meeting every Tuesday for the last couple weeks working on planning the dance. A lot of events are planne...

A Night to Remember

A Night to Remember

Hannah Snakenberg and Jack Miller

October 1, 2017

Olathe West hosted its first homecoming dance on Sept. 30. Over 600 students from varying grades and schools attended. Students and staff enjoyed their time at the dance and worked to start a tradition at West.  “I thought it was really fun and energetic--and a lot of school spirit” said head librarian Mrs. Massey. She expressed how she was p...

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