Top 10 Places to Buy Your Next Homecoming Dress

Caché Goracke

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As you know, Homecoming is now in the past, and all the work and effort people put into getting ready is over. Now, the pictures of girls in their elegant dresses are all over Instagram and you’ve probably seen more than a few. That’s why 100 people were asked where they chose to buy their perfect homecoming dress. The top 10 most popular places are listed below:

Top Ten List

10. Nordstroms

9. ½ and ½

8. Online

7. JCPenney

6. Camille La Vie

5. Thrift Store

4. Macy’s

3. Windsor

“We had already been to all the stores in the mall and we couldn’t find anything. But when we went into Windsor I found exactly what I was looking for.”

-Kaelyn Hanna

2. Dillards

“I didn’t have time to pick out a dress and there was a Dillard’s where we were. That was the most convenient and thankfully I liked the dress.”

– Megan Geyer

1. Lulu’s

I chose Lulu’s because their options were simple and cheaper than most other companies.”

– Sydney Bui