What to Expect From The NCAA Tournament’s Final Four

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What to Expect From The NCAA Tournament’s Final Four

Peyton Carley

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Ladies and Gentleman, we have finally made it. The Final Four is here! What a wild ride it has been, but here we go. These four teams have proven their superiority over the rest of the 64-team field, but how do they stack up against each other?


Michigan State v.s. Texas Tech

Prediction: Michigan State wins 81-76

Wait, hold on, where’s Duke? Aren’t they supposed to be in this game? Did Zion and Coach K really not get where everyone expected them to? That is correct my friends, Duke has fallen at the hands of Michigan State. I said at the beginning of this tournament, Michigan State had something to prove. In my opinion, they were cheaped out of a top seed, even though they won both the Big 10 regular season title, and the Big 10 tournament, and also boasted the Big 10 player of the year Cassius Winston. This team has something to prove, and they just did it. Duke entered the Elite Eight having the highest odds of winning the national championship. But in came the Spartans to reign on their parade. But the interesting part of this game is that Texas Tech also beat a number one seed in Gonzaga in their own Elite Eight game. So, both the Red Raiders and the Spartans are coming into this Final Four on amazing highs to their season. This appearance for Texas Tech is their programs first ever Final Four. Both these teams fought and clawed to get past one seeds Gonzaga and Duke to get here, and now these teams meet in a big game. With Michigan State coming off a win against the previous favorite to win the National Championship, I’d have to go with the more seasoned team, who in my eyes have just played better basketball and consistently all tournament. I’m taking Michigan State over Texas Tech when April 6 comes around.


Virginia v.s. Auburn

Prediction: Auburn wins 72-69

Alright Auburn, you have my attention. I mean, how can you not have everyone’s attention at this point. The Auburn Tigers have hit 24 three-pointers in their last two games, and have shot an astounding 47% from the field. Led mainly by senior guard Bryce Brown, but in a different way led by sophomore forward Chuma Okeke. And by in a different way, I mean that Okeke tore his ACL in their 17-point win over North Carolina last Friday, meaning he won’t be able to play for the rest of the tournament. But Okeke still leads his team through giving Auburn a unique drive and passion to go out and play ball and play it hard. On the other side of the table will stand the only one seed left in the tournament, the Virginia Cavaliers. They will come into this game coming off a narrow overtime win against Purdue in the Elite Eight. Going into the Final Four, Virginia is the favorite to win it all. Rightfully so, I will add given the fact that they are the only standing number one seed left in the tournament. But I said before that after a game shooting like Auburn has had their last few games, they will come out cold. I humbly admit I was wrong with that statement, and I don’t see why Auburn would stop now of all places. With the extra motivation from not only being the underdog, but also through Okeke’s injury, Auburn will continue to light the nets on fire and will emerge with a win next Saturday.


These outcomes would set up a National Championship game between Auburn and Michigan State. And I must say that with how this tournament has gone, I’d say my favorite to win the big dance is Michigan State. But hey, this is March Madness, anything can happen.