Boys Swimming: How a Bigger Team has Affected Their Season

Sydney Brown, Editor-in-Chief

This season, the boys swim team has their biggest team yet. With 25 swimmers, the team has been winning meets and is making their way to the State Championship at the end of the season. 

Because of the increase in new swimmers this year, the team was able to win their first home meet of the season.

“We’ve been able to put more kids in more events and get more points,” head coach Courtney Frets said. “Because we have a lot of depth and were able to score more points we’ve been more successful.”

These numbers have also contributed to the swimmers being able to go to State. 

“We started off the season with a [State] consideration time in our medley relay on our very first meet,” Frets said. “We’ve just been chipping away at that, we are about two seconds away from qualifying.”

Along with the medley relay, varsity has all three relays with consideration times. Frets think if the team puts their minds to it, all four could go to state this year. 

COVID, however, has made this season a little less conventional, switching up the usual team practices and splitting JV and varsity teams into two groups.

 “It’s been positive to have a smaller group,” assistant Coach Kayla Ayer said. “We are able to focus on each athlete a little bit more. They are able to become closer together as a group.”

Other than a few changes, the team has seen a lot of improvement from their training.

“Everyone on the team has seen a personal best in multiple events and we’re just getting better as the season goes on,” Ayer said.

As they get closer to the final State meet, coaches are now focused on more than just the boy’s training.

“If we really put our minds to it we’ve been working towards positivity and the mental aspect of the sport,” Frets said. “As we get into late season, the boys have the training. It’s a matter of putting it all together.”