Season Two of Euphoria Dives Deeper into the Hard Truths of Young Adulthood


Euphoria season two comes out on HBO MAX with much anticipation following season one.

Emily Harter, Writer

The long-awaited sophomore season of “Euphoria” premiered Jan. 9 on HBO, and fans were excited to see the new episodes after the long break between seasons due to COVID-19. The new episodes feature all of the same cast members, in addition to a few new ones including well known singer Dominic Fike. 

“It feels like a long music video,” said Fike in an interview with Variety magazine. 

This was Fike’s acting debut, and he started off strong in episode one as new student Elliot. He and Zendaya’s character, Rue, play off of each other in a quirky, fresh way that brought new life to the episodes. As they indulge in recreational drugs, the characters have a light banter that is nicely juxtaposed by their choice of activities. The two are a fun new pair that added some much needed lightness to the show. However, many fans were frustrated by the new character because they fear the rift that Elliot is causing between Rue and Jules. 

In season two, it appears that Jules (Hunter Schafer) is a whole new character. She is back from her escapade, and she and Rue have picked up right where they left off, madly in love with each other. Or are they? It seems Rue is not quick to trust Jules again, and their relationship continues to bring toxicity to both of their lives. 

It’s interesting and quite sad that the only time she feels comfortable fully expressing herself is when she’s high,” said Zendaya in an interview with The A.V. Club. “Although I’m excited they can be together and have this beautiful moment, it’s not ideal. It’s rooted in a layer of pain.” 

Jules and Rue aren’t the only ones who have toxic relationships in the new season. The episodes also brought us a blooming romance between Nate (Jacob Elordi) and Cassie (Sydney Sweeney) which is made complicated by Nate’s previous partner and Cassie’s best friend, Maddy (Alexa Demie). Nate seems to be following in his father’s footsteps of mistreating women and creating a hostile environment for all parties involved. Their storyline is leading the crew in season two, and other viewers and I are enthralled in what will happen next in the venomous love triangle. 

“He’s an emotional terrorist, a narcissist, a sociopath, a freak,” said Elordi in an interview with W magazine. 

Fezco, played by Angus Cloud, has also found the spotlight in season two. Whether he’s almost beating Nate to death, or sparking a relationship with Cassie’s sister, Lexi (Maude Apatow) he’s always getting into some sort of situation and it is an interesting new addition to the season. The back story viewers get about him adds complexity to the fan-favorite drug dealer, and it adds more detail to the ever so changing plot. 

Similarly to Fezco, Lexi is given more opportunities in this season to break out of her shell, and so she has. Her burgeoning self-confidence has led her to pursue Fezco. Their newfound relationship has intrigued me with their “opposites attract” trope, and I will be interested to see where the rest of the season will take them. 

In the first two episodes, we don’t see a whole lot of Kat (Barbie Ferreira), which was a bit disappointing. But we do get a glimpse into her relationship with Ethan (Austin Abrams), which has a wholesome facade that is masking Kat’s insecurities in the relationship. This is a new side to the character that viewers have yet to see. Her scenes always bring comedic relief to the normally dark series, and her representation of plus-size women adds to the diversity of the show which draws in so many viewers.

And of course we have Rue (Zendaya). She has frustrated many fans this season so far as she is still not sober and it is hurting relationships between her and her loved ones as she spirals back into addiction.  However, in the latest episode, we see Ali (Colman Domingo) sponsor Rue and attempt to encourage her to get sober. It will be exciting to see how their relationship will progress as the season goes on and to see if Rue will finally have the motivation to get sober. 

“I think it’s far more emotional than the first season,” said Zendaya in an interview with NBC’s “Today”. “Much like the film stock that we use this season, which is also different, it’s high contrast, meaning the highs are high, the lows are low. And when it’s funny, it’s really funny. And when it’s painful, it’s really painful.”

The new season definitely started off on the right foot and it should continue to bring fresh twists and turns as the series progresses. Viewers should be excited for what the new episodes will expose about the characters as we go deeper into the relationships and back stories of each person in the series.