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Miranda Elgin

Awsten Knight performs at Ogden Theater in Denver Colorado, on May 6.

Logan Kraft, Writer

Waterparks, an alternative rock band, started their tour with the newest release of their album INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY on April 28. I attended the concert on May 6 in Denver, Colorado. This band is very dedicated to their work creating a passionate fanbase with a welcoming atmosphere, so here is why you should check them out.

Formed in Houston, Texas, in 2011, lead singer Awsten Knight, drummer Otto Wood, and lead guitarist Geoff Wigington became increasingly popular after their album FANDOM was released to the public in 2019. 

An important aspect of being a Waterparks fan is the concerts. Knight is known to have fantastic interactions with his fans throughout the concert by making jokes that longtime fans would know, calling out fans and accepting gifts from them. 

For example, during the Denver performance, Knight played rock, paper, scissors with a fan at the concert. Also, if it’s someone’s birthday in the crowd, Knight plays the Happy Birthday song from the New Kids On The Block. 

Knight has synesthesia, which allows songs to sound like colors and because of this, the concerts try to best portray what he sees when performing to his fans. This is done through lights and props during the band’s performance. 

This is also seen through Knight’s hair color, in INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY, Knight dyed his hair red which will be his hair color until his next album. 

Another aspect to enjoy at the concert is the opening performers. At the concert I attended, Daisy Grenade and HUNNY opened. Daisy Grenade was the perfect girl angst group to perform and excite the crowd, but it seemed to outshine HUNNY’s performance. Even though HUNNY was nice to see in concert, it was disappointing. It felt like they were more concerned with themselves having fun drinking alcohol on stage than the audience having fun.

Overall, Waterparks was better to see in person than listen to on Spotify or Apple Music, along with Daisy Grenade. Still, the band HUNNY who will be touring alongside Waterparks was underwhelming.

Setlist of Waterparks Denver, Colorado, May 6 

TikTok Footage from the Denver concert: