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The Fall Orchestra Concert

Jack Miller and Hannah Snakenberg

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The Fall Orchestra Concert was on Thursday, October 26. There were performances by the freshman, concert, and chamber orchestra. Students practiced in and out of class to prepare for the concert. 

“We do in-class rehearsals every single day and then you take your instrument home whenever and practice by yourself,” said sophomore Olivia Goebel.  

Some students have different ways of preparing for a concert, like sophomore Nyah Ragland who eats almonds for good luck. After the concert freshman Israel Barraza commented on how he thought the concert went. 

“I think it went pretty well especially for our first concert,” said Barraza. “There weren’t any major mishaps.” 

There were several pieces performed by each orchestra, but Goebel had a clear favorite. 

“Danse Infernale, because there is a lot going on and it’s very exciting,” said Goebel. “It gets everyone hyped.” 

Earlier this year, orchestra played at a concert with all of Olathe. Ragland and Goebel both said this was their favorite part of orchestra so far this year. 

“It was interesting to see how many kids in Olathe play in orchestra, ” said Ragland. 

After the success of their recent concert, orchestra will be busy preparing for their winter concert. Many students are passionate about the work they put in, like Goebel. 

“I love how relaxed you feel when you play, and you get to express yourself without actually speaking,” said Goebel. 

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The Fall Orchestra Concert