TSA Members Find Success at State Competition

Members of the TSA team bring home several awards from the State Competition in Salina, include qualifications for Nationals


Hannah Snakenberg and Dahlia Vang

On Mar. 26, 12 students participated in the Technology Student Association (TSA) state competition. Each student competed in five or more events related to science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). They competed against most of the Olathe high schools as well as many others from around Kansas. During the three day competition, students showed off their projects and presented them to judges, as well as competed in time-restrained onsite events.


“TSA is an opportunity for our students to compete with other high schools in the area and state in technology-based events,” TSA Advisor Olivia Cruz said.


Many of the students were new to TSA; however, they were still confident in their events.


“This is my first year and I don’t expect anything so good, but I still have confidence in myself,” freshman Tyler Lantz said.


Lantz participated in dragster design, photographic technology, technological problem solving, architectural design, children stories, and video game design. He placed second in video game design and third in architecture design and is excited to be given the chance to go to nationals.


For most, this was a learning experience and a look at what to expect next year.


“Some of [the events] really challenged me because I didn’t know exactly what I was doing, but overall it was a good experience, and I’m excited for next year because now I know what to expect,” junior Paige Winters said.


Winters participated in on-demand video, digital video production, photographic technology, technological problem solving, and essays on technology. Though she did not place, she said it was a good experience and is excited to continue next year.


Overall, most members have similar advice for those who are thinking of joining TSA next year.


“I would probably spend more time on my events and get better at planning ahead. Don’t make the time that you spend finishing your events come down to the hour — make it come down to the month,” freshman Gavin Smith said.


Smith participated in structural design and engineering, transportation modeling, on-demand video, digital video, and music production. Smith qualified for nationals, getting fifth place in structural design and engineering.


Students and advisors alike were satisfied with the outcome of the experience and are hoping for a similar outcome next year.


“Well this is our first year out, and I’m pretty sure it is the best we could have possibly done,” Cruz said. “I mean, [many of our team members] qualified for nationals, so that was the biggest goal we could’ve reached and we’ve reached it.”


By the end of the conference, Olathe West earned six plaques. Most members qualified for state and/or made it in one of the top five spots for their events.


2nd place – Transportation Modeling: Austin Sherman

2nd place – Video Game Design: Tyler Lantz, Brody Boxberger

2nd place – Scientific Visualization (SciVis): Hannah Snakenberg, Dahlia Vang

3rd place – Architectural Design: Dahlia Vang, Hannah Snakenberg, Tyler Lantz, Brody Boxberger

3rd place – Technology Bowl: Tyler Jordan, Quinn Stambaugh, Austin Sherman

3rd place –  Technology Problem Solving: Quinn Stambaugh, Quinn Davidson

4th place – Structural Engineering: Gavin Smith

5th place – Debate: Quinn Stambaugh, Quinn Davidson

5th place – Engineering Design: Quinn Davidson, Tyler Jordan, Austin Sherman.

5th Place – On-demand Video: Tyler Jordan, Gavin Smith, Quinn Stambaugh, Paige Winters

5th Place – Prepared Presentation: Quinn Davidson