Improvement is Key for Olathe West Boys Tennis

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Improvement is Key for Olathe West Boys Tennis

Peyton Carley

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As Spring slowly rolls in, Olathe West’s spring sports are kicking off. This features baseball, softball, girls soccer, and more. Among these spring sports is boys tennis. The team has a JV and Varsity team, and have players of skill levels starting at beginners, all the way through advanced and experienced players. Unfortunately, four meets have been canceled due to inclement weather. However, the team has played in one meet so far this season. And after that was done, Head Coach Jon Renberger already had ideas for improvement.


“Most of our guys have fewer than two years of experience. We will continue to develop them all season and that will be the key to our success this season,” said Coach Renberger.


Coach Renberger is faced with the difficult task of coaching a tennis team consisting of both beginners and developed players. He mentioned how the Varsity and JV teams are made up of mostly beginner players. Coach Renberger spoke on the tough coaching job he has ahead of him.


“Beginners need to focus more on the basic fundamentals of the game. The more advanced players are capable of learning and understanding more and can use their experience to their advantage. They are able to place balls where they need to. With the more inexperienced players we have to make certain that they are developing appropriately without being overwhelmed,” said Coach Renberger.


If you have ever watched tennis, you have seen how much cardio is involved in the game. Players are running back and forth to create a volley, trying to win the match. When asked how physically grueling tennis really is, Coach Renberger gave us a look on what the team does to prepare for that.


“It is extremely demanding. There will be tournaments where the guys will end up playing five to seven hours throughout an event. Fitness is a big part of it. We work on a lot of cardio. We run in the halls and do what we can to be productive.” said Coach Renberger.


Many people who watch tennis also realize that it is a primarily individual sport. However in school tennis, you are playing sometimes on your own, but your performance is contributing to the teams overall score. When asked about how teamwork plays into tennis, Coach Renberger explained that their is more than you think.


“Doubles is obviously team oriented and I separate the guys by ability. But we are all together at the beginning and end practice. So I do believe the Varsity guys need to have a good relationship with JV and vice versa. But individual play and drills do need to be separated into ability so everyone is developing at their level.” said Coach Renberger.


The main point of interest for boys tennis this spring revolves around standout player Brett Seton. He is one of three team captains and has experience that he can pass down to other players.


“He is team oriented but also has his individual goals. He has college aspirations and has a national ranking. But more importantly he wants to help his teammates and he wants the team to do well. He wants to be apart of group success. His dedication to the team, his humility, and his work ethic are things that provide as models for the other guys to see,” said Coach Renberger.


The Olathe West Tennis team is looking to improve players across all skill levels while trying to have a successful season.