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Woman Leadership in Olathe West

Woman Leadership in Olathe West

Riley Keiter

April 23, 2019

As they say, boys come from Mars, girls come from Venus, but the question still remains on how they work together on Earth. At West, the battle of the genders is just as prevalent as anywhere else. But in terms of participation and giving back to the school, girls seem to be winning. The stereotyp...

15 Minutes Alone

Olivia Eisenhauer with her Nurses directly before she went into transplant,

Matt Bice

April 22, 2019

“What’s happening?” she thought but could not say. “What’s happening?” The breathing tube implanted in her mouth restricted her vocal chords from begging for answers. Where was she? Why did she have an I.V. pricking her arm? From birth, junior Olivia Eisenhauer had Restrictive Cardiomyopa...

Opinion: Pornography is the Pedestal on which Rape Culture Stands

In just the five minute period it takes you to pass to your next class, the porn industry will have made around one million dollars.

Caché Goracke

April 8, 2019

Beaten, tied up, and viciously raped, consistently for nine months, Elizabeth Smart told CNN and many other news sites “pornography made [her] life a living hell.”  Her captor would come to her excited and “amped up” with porn magazines. He would show her the pages and say that they were go...

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