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The Student News Site of Olathe West High School

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The Student News Site of Olathe West High School

Owl Post

Unauthorized Proms are Dangerous for Students

Unauthorized Proms are Dangerous for Students

Riley Keiter April 15, 2021

Since the announcement of prom hit, many juniors have been annoyed by the decision to only invite seniors. It’s one of the many COVID-19 guidelines enforced by the school; not inviting juniors will keep...

The emptiness of the library and the commons full of isolated, code-scanning, phone-focused, half-faced students, are a haunting reminder of just how much things have changed.

A High School Eulogy

Caché Goracke, Editor in Chief March 26, 2021

The bell rings.  Over the intercom comes the voice of an administrator: “OK students, it's time for first lunch, please find your way to your designated seat for the year.”  The noise begins to...

President Biden works in the oval office the day after inauguration.

A Reflection on Biden’s First Weeks as President

Riley Keiter March 9, 2021

It’s been almost seven weeks since President Biden was inaugurated, and it’s a good time to check in on his progress. In his time so far, he has re-opened Obamacare services, ended the Justice Department’s...

Cycle 2, COVID-19 in schools

COVID Board Meeting

Riley Keiter, Emily Harter January 18, 2021

In a pandemic, as we’ve learned, things can rapidly change. Whether it be the safety procedures, the positive cases, the safety of your community, or even our understanding of the disease itself, most...

People who get COVID-19 are often the only one to contract it of most people they know.

Life Through the Eyes of a Covid-19 Patient

Riley Keiter December 10, 2020

In the last eight months, many people have quarantined themselves, worn masks every day, and social distanced as much as possible. With all the precautions that people have taken, a lot of them are lucky...

Uncle Sam said he needs YOU to wear a mask.

Why YOU Should Be Proud to Wear a Mask

Riley Keiter November 2, 2020

Fluorescent light shines from a blue-hued screen, this phone is the only source of light this early in the morning. Squirted eyes search for the brightness setting, and then are given the grace to acknowledge...

The OW choir will continue to perform even if it needs to be over technology, and with many other restrictions.

Choir Still Performs Despite Covid-19 Holdbacks

Riley Keiter, Writer October 12, 2020

The performing arts have given up a lot in the Covid-19 pandemic. Multitudes of shows, concerts, and activities have been canceled in the wake of the shutdown. However, this does not mean that the performing...

Open Those Doors and Let Us In!

Open Those Doors and Let Us In!

Brendan Ulmer, Writer September 7, 2020

As an American, there are two things I know for sure. The first is that our version of “The Office” is WAY better than the UK version, and the second is that if you want something, like really badly,...

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