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Students Reflect on The New Works Festival

Cast of the New Works Festival lines up at the end of the show to take bows and point ovation to technical crew.

Caché Goracke

May 9, 2019

A series of student written and directed plays that made up The New Works Festival  was performed Friday and Saturday in the Flex Theatre. The New Works festival was designed by Alisha Morris, a Performing Arts teacher at West, and gave the students a chance to be leaders as well as the opportunity to n...

Kalista Brown Takes the Stage

Kalista Brown Takes the Stage

Riley Keiter

December 10, 2018

Voices and laughs intermingle in the excitement-filled choir room. It’s the first day of rehearsals for The Wizard of Oz, and cast and crew alike line the risers. Lorelei Frazee is leading the crowd at the moment, instructing them to pick up their name-tagged manilla folders at the front of the room, but...

The Making of a Play

The Making of a Play

Jack Miller and Jacob Keenan

March 5, 2018

The first winter play "Almost, Maine" was performed in the Flex Theater from Feb. 16-18. The play was two acts that featured multiple comedic love stories. There were many different people and roles that go into making a play a reality. One of those people was sophomore Peyton Falen who was a student ...

Behind-The-Scenes Look: Olathe West’s First Musical, Cinderella

Cast members rehearse their lines before showing day.

Dahlia Vang, Staff Writer

November 7, 2017

Olathe West’s first musical, Cinderella had its first showing on Nov. 10 and 11. Cinderella was chosen as the first musical for Olathe West because of its classic, family, friendly piece.  “I knew I wanted to do a classic, family, friendly piece. To get the whole community involved. I didn...

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