The Making of a Play


Jack Miller and Jacob Keenan

The first winter play “Almost, Maine” was performed in the Flex Theater from Feb. 16-18. The play was two acts that featured multiple comedic love stories. There were many different people and roles that go into making a play a reality. One of those people was sophomore Peyton Falen who was a student director for the play.

“I assistant directed with Grace Hawkins and she and I both had to go to rehearsal every day,” said Falen. “We also each had to direct our own scene so we had to come up with our own blocking and our own ideas for a scene.”

Falen has acted in previous productions at Olathe West, but directing allowed her to see a different side of what goes into making a play.

“I got to see the opposite side, like I got to cast the show, so it was interesting to watch auditions and be on the other side,” said Falen.

One of those people auditioning was freshman Kaleigh Carpenter who played a waitress named Villian. Carpenter has different methods of getting into character for a performance.

“I kinda just like put my phone and everything to the side and totally focus in on being that character” said Carpenter.

A lot of time goes into preparing and practicing for a full length production.

“With full length productions it’s usually around two and a half months” said Carpenter.

Behind the scenes there are many people putting in work to make sure the show is as good as possible and runs smoothly. These jobs can range from lighting to makeup. Sophomore Delaney Johnston was a part of construction crew and hair and makeup.

I put makeup on people and then I did their hair and I made the set” said Johnston.

Without the help and talents of many different people, producing a play would never be possible. There is a role for everyone in theatre, whether it be in the spotlight or behind the scenes.

there’s so many different parts of theatre and you can really do anything”

— Kaleigh Carpenter