West Holds Whoever Pays All Dance


Riley Keiter, Writer

Saturday, Feb. 22, West held its third annual winter dance. Held in the gym, about 600 students went to the festivity. 

The dance was created by the Sophomore Committee and their advisors. Contrary to some belief, Student Council only creates the Homecoming Dance. 

Many people enjoyed the dance, such as sophomore Brandon Heflin who said, “I liked the DJ. I thought the music was a lot better…I liked the aesthetic. I thought it was pleasing.”

However, the dance did have a few faults according to Heflin.

“I heard… [students] bought around 600 tickets which is good, but I feel like WPA could be a lot better,” he said, “I think most people didn’t even know about [WPA] that much compared to homecoming, where we had maybe 777 pre-sale tickets, which was more than the entirety of WPA.”

Heflin isn’t alone in his thoughts, however. Freshman Zoey McBee also agreed on his claims.

“I thought they did really good,” McBee said. “But a lot of people didn’t know about the dance. The spirit days were also overlooked.”

The dance same with its faults, but overall it could be chalked up as a success. Many people did come, but in a poll taken by the Owl Post, it was found that seniors often skipped out. While around 65% of freshmen planned to go, only about 15% of seniors said they were attending the dance. One senior who did attend was Reagan Gimbert.

“Getting out there and enjoying the last of senior year [is important],” said Gimbert. “I know a whole bunch of seniors didn’t go this year because they thought it was going to be lame, but…this is one of your last dances you’ll ever go to. It’s important to…support the school for one of your last nights.”

Both agreed in the end that the dance was well-done. 

“You guys did a fantastic job,” Gimbert said. “The dance was really fun.”

Heflin pointed out the complications behind putting together a dance, and how well this dance seemed to go.

“Making a dance is never easy”, he said. “Since I’m on the student council, I saw it firsthand with homecoming, and [I helped with] last year’s WPA. It takes a lot of effort and they did good work.”