Girls Wrestling Season Continues Amidst Injuries


Girls Wrestling season started in mid-November, led by head coach Lucas Vincent and assistant coaches Kelly Ledesma and Amanda Robinson. 

The team won first in the Wrestling Girls Varsity Tournament on Dec. 30 at Shawnee Mission Northwest.

However, the season has faced multiple challenges when team members were injured, such as sophomore Kaylan Ulmer, who broke her arm in practice.

“Well, I’m not able to wrestle for the rest of the season,” Ulmer said, “So it’s kind of just done and which kind of sucks because I was starting to get really good.”

Ulmer’s entire weight class also suffered injuries at the same time.“It’s definitely slowed it down, especially in certain weight classes like my weight class, I think there was a point where all three of us were injured,” Ulmer said. “So then none of us were able to wrestle so we didn’t get anything for that weight class.”

Despite injuries the team is still on track to have a successful season. Senior Mikayla Rivera has seen personal growth in the new season, and placed first in the 190 weight class.

“This season I’ve done really well-personally I think I have,” Rivera said. “I’ve been facing new opponents so it’s a new technique which I am still getting used to because I am in a new weight class this year.”

 The team placed fifth in the 6A-5A girls rankings as of Jan. 17.

“We’ve had a lot of girls progress a lot further from what we did last year,” Rivera said. “A lot of girls are taking it more seriously, getting in a better mindset, and have just shown that they really like the sport and want to continue it and go as far as they can.”