Why “Modern Disney” Will Never Be “Classic Disney”

Addison Smith, Writer

When I think of my childhood, I think of all the movies I watched growing up: “Tangled”, “Little Mermaid”, “Beauty and the Beast”, “Aladdin”, “Lilo and Stitch” and many more.

When I see the movies today, I feel for the younger generation that is growing up with the new movies that don’t even hold a candle to the golden age of Disney movies. 

“Modern Disney” strays away from everything “Classic Disney” was. Today, they lack the warmth and charm of the classics and have too many needless songs every few minutes. 

I grew up with stories of empowerment, overcoming fears, family and life lessons. Now, what do kids grow up with? A twerking tween panda. 

Kids now miss out on inspiring stories and don’t get to grow up with the same influences and beloved characters.

Disney also got desperate and began reusing characters and making sequels to old films that were previously successful that didn’t need them: “Frozen 2”, multiple “Toy Story” sequels, “Finding Dory” and the new sequels releasing soon of “Inside Out” and “Zootopia”.

The classics were also far simpler, they followed interesting plots and gave their characters complex stories and feelings. They included songs that I would play over and over and memorize all the lyrics to.

Disney either forgot what made it successful or just dropped its creativity and originality to make movies that it thought would make them more money. 

I hope Disney goes back to its roots and starts producing more movies that are more kid-friendly, motivational, educational and inspiring again. I want future generations to grow up with movies that have good influences and educational themes that they can learn from and gain inspiration from. 

But the modern Disney we see today will never be able to live up to or surpass the classic Disney we used to know.