Students Adjust to New 7:50 Start Time

Olathe high schools will now start at 7:50 a.m. to make up minutes lost during snow days.

Olathe high schools will now start at 7:50 a.m. to make up minutes lost during snow days.

Ellie Pogorek, Writer

Due to an excessive amount of snow days in the third quarter, the Olathe School District has implemented a 7:50 a.m. start time for high schoolers for the rest of the fourth quarter. According to Kansas state law, high schoolers must be in school for a certain number of minutes each year. With the previous snow days, Olathe was not on track to meet these minute requirements. 

Although only a ten-minute difference from the previous 8:00 a.m. start time, many students find this new change annoying.

 “I don’t like it,” senior Annie Henne said. “It kind of sucks because if you leave your house around 7:30 you only have like ten minutes and if you’re running a little late, then you’re late to class.” 

Students are even finding it hard to do their regular morning activities with the new time crunch. When trying to find time to fit in morning activities like working out, it has become harder to find time, especially with no more late start on Thursdays. 

“Thursday’s I would go a little bit later to crossfit to workout but now I can’t,” Hennen said. “On Thursday morning, I sit down with my mother and we have coffee before I go to school. I can’t do that anymore.” 

However some students don’t see much of a change in their daily routine. Although a ten minute difference, some students are finding ways to make it an easier transition. 

“It kind of squeezes things together,” sophomore Jasper Gingrich said. “I usually wake up pretty late to begin with and I have to wake up even earlier now which is kind of a struggle but it works so I’m not compiling too much.”  

Some students still have commentary about how the minutes should have been made up and the start time of 7:50 am. 

“7:50 is a weird time,” Hennen said. ‘If you’re going to start early, make it at least a time that makes sense like 7:45.”