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Trunp vs Biden on the real issues of this years election.

Satire: Election 2020: Trump vs Biden on the Real Issues

Brendan Ulmer, Writer November 23, 2020

The two candidates for president this year really seemed as different as they could possibly be. So what does that mean for us as the voter? Which candidate would save us from complete and utter annihilation...

Tech Reviews: NeuraLink Brainchip

Brendan Ulmer, Writer October 30, 2020

There have been a lot of exciting new developments in the field of technology over the past year or so. From Facebook releasing their idea for a new worldwide digital currency, to Snapchat releasing a...

Tick Tock, Tik Tok

Tick Tock, Tik Tok

Brendan Ulmer, Writer October 12, 2020

 I think I speak for everyone when I say that TikTok is the greatest idea humanity has had since running water. I mean, symmetrical teenagers filming themselves dancing alone in their bedroom--why didn’t...

Open Those Doors and Let Us In!

Open Those Doors and Let Us In!

Brendan Ulmer, Writer September 7, 2020

As an American, there are two things I know for sure. The first is that our version of “The Office” is WAY better than the UK version, and the second is that if you want something, like really badly,...

War on Halloween

War on Halloween

Brendan Ulmer , Writer October 30, 2019

**Everything written in this piece is satirical and nonsensical and meant to poke fun at the recent petition going around and/or certain students who may take Halloween a little too seriously**   If...

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