Boys Basketball Rundown


Annie Self, Writer

Boys Basketball is having a hot season. The boys currently stand third in the state and have an overall record of 10-1. Not only have the boys been doing great as a team, they are also accomplishing goals individually. 

Sophomore Sherron Woodberry beat the school record with seven 3-pointers against Wyandotte. 

“Ever since I walked into Olathe West, the 3-point record was something I always knew I wanted and was going to beat,” Woodberry said. “It feels so good to be able to accomplish something like that, but there are always bigger things to accomplish with my teammates and as a whole program.”

The boys hope to improve every game and are also putting in the work six days a week at practice. 

“I’m just always looking forward to building off of each game and taking everything one day at a time,” Woodberry. 

The team has a variety of ages and talents. Woodberry is only a sophomore and plays varsity alongside juniors and seniors. 

“It feels great to be able to play varsity, especially after not playing for a year and a half,” Woodberry said. “Catching up to speed with everybody was a difficult task, and is something I’m still doing today. After watching freshman year, I figured out what I could bring to the table to really earn my spot. Breaking records as a sophomore feels great,”

The boys took a huge win against Olathe Northwest with a final score of 66-57. 

“My highlight of the season so far is probably beating Olathe Northwest at Olathe Northwest,”  senior Harrison Kisling said. 

The season is coming to a close for our seniors but senior Harrison Kisling is soaking up the last few moments with his team. 

“I am most looking forward to enjoying all the time around my teammates and getting to play,” Kisling.