Girls Olathe Lacrosse Team


Stella Brown, Writer

Girls LAX kicked off their fall season in January with their first game on March 20 against Lee Summit North with 2 wins for JV and Varsity. The girls Varsity team started their season 4-0 and have been putting up a good fight each game.  This season their games have been high scoring with many clock stops. 

The girls high school  Lacrosse team, led by coach Kristina Mensi is currently the only girls LAX club in Olathe, Kansas. The program started in 2013 and is made up of high school girls in the Olathe school district. 

Women’s lacrosse is a non-contact game that is played by 12 players. The field consists of a goalkeeper, five attackers and six defenders. Typically, high school lacrosse games are 60 minutes long and divided into four quarters that are 15 minutes each. 

The girls practice four times a week with games typically on Mondays. The girls celebrated their Senior night on April 17 against Sion. 

Senior Sophie Struck has been a part of the Lacrosse team for two years, playing the attacker position on the field. 

“Winning as a team feels like a good accomplishment because we are all pretty new and just working together to score goals is so rewarding,” Struck said. 

Like most teams, the girls LAX team has game day traditions. The biggest one being a game day takeover on their Instagram. Two girls on the team take behind-the-scenes videos and photos to capture the preparations that go into game day. 

As the girls near the end of their season, the girls reflect on their experiences this season and prepare to say goodbye to the seniors. 

Recently, senior and goalie Brooke Galeski committed to Drury University for Lacrosse. 

“I started playing junior year because the team needed a goalie,” Galeski said. “The most rewarding part of being on this team is watching it rapidly improve and take more wins!”